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Brand: Smirdex
3" velcro backed M14-2 rotary backing plate is the absolute perfect accessory for anyone looking to tackle those difficult to reach areas with a rotary polisher...
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Brand: Bilt Hamber
Why buy this productRun your fingers over your freshly washed and dried paint work. Feel for a rough, gritty texture? This is caused by embedded particles. Bonnets are often the most contaminated.If you can feel these particles atomise a fine mist of clean tap water over a 2-3 square feet area, usin..
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Why Buy This Product?Premium black frost scent.Eliminates odors and reduces new odors over time.Formulated to last 5 times longer than conventional car air fresheners; frost fueled scent lasts for weeks.Frost-brewed for maximum scent effect.Also available in BLACK FROST AIR FRESHENER & ODOR..
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Brand: BLO
AIR-GT is one of the most powerful Car Dryers featuring twin motors that offer 8HP. This blower scares water away, offering the fastest dryer time blasting water off surfaces for a touch-less dry. Ideally, for cars, bikes, boats and anything you need to dry fast, this large BLO comes with a swivelin..
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Brand: BLO
AIR-RS is a compact Car Dryer that packs a big punch. Ideal for safely and easily drying cars and motorcycles, driving out water from every vent, mirror or hiding spot. Do not let this lightweight car blower fool you, it packs a huge 5.5HP motor and comes with a 16’ (5M) Cord and 16’ (5M) Hose to re..
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Bouquet Scent
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Caramella Scent
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CARNAUBA SHAMPOO 4litCAR SHAMPOO WITH CARNAUBAULTRA FOAMINGEFFECTIVE CLEANINGEASY RINSE OFFHyper-concentrated outstanding performance car shampoo with carnauba waxHigh content of carnauba wax that gives astonishing results on paintCleaning power that ensures easy & effective removal o road grime..
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