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Brand: Poorboys
Poorboy's - Bug Squash 16ozBug and tar removerConcentrated formulaRemoves bugs, tar, road grime and saltWill not strip existing sealants or wax..
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Brand: Poorboys
Poorboy's - World Glass Cleaner Poorboy’s World Glass Cleaner forgoes volatile chemicals and instead relies on smart chemistry.Use Poorboy’s World Glass Cleaner to remove greasy finger prints and smudges from household mirrors and glass.Sun or shade, Poorboy’s World Glass Cleaner will leave you..
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Brand: Poorboys
Poorboys  Grit GuardThe Poorboys  Grit Guard, (gives the option to "colour code" for "wash" and "rinse" an adopted method by professional retailers and valets to keep their buckets as clean as possible  and can be used with our buckets or a wide variety o..
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Brand: Poorboys
Poorboy's EX-P is a PURE sealant that easily brings out the brilliance and clarity of lighter colored vehicles. EX-P may also be used on dark colored vehicles for a crystal clear unobstructed protection layer. Sealants are the "wax of the future" man made works of art to pro..
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