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Brand: Cartec
Cartec MV-40 Engine Cleaner is a solvent free, citrus based engine cleaner which is extremely effective at removing oil and grease build up around the engine.Designed to absorb the oil and grease that builds up around the engine bay, MV-40 Engine Cleaner will suck up all the nastiness and make clean..
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Brand: Cartec
TAR & GLUE REMOVER 200mlSuper Strength Tar & Glue remover, melts tar before your eyes!Cartec's Tar & Glue Remover is a super strength formula that melts tar and glue without any agitation!Simply spray onto affected area and watch the contaminants melt away, then wipe any excess off wit..
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Brand: Cartec
WAX GUARDcartec Waxguard is a unique paint protection product suitable for any vehicle or boat. It offers a visibly higher and deeper gloss to the paint surface.Waxguard also provide a protective layer against traffic film and dirt associated with extreme weather conditions. Waxguard offer..
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Brand: Cartec
World leading Acid Free wheel cleaner, used in over 54 countries by the biggest names.Cartec's Wheel Cleaner Acid Free is a proven favourite all around the world. Sold in over 50 countries, everyone who uses Wheel Cleaner Acid Free knows straight away that they're using a quality product.While it ..
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