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Wurth - Easy Clean All Purpose Cleaner 400ml
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Brand: WURTH
Wurth - Easy Clean All Purpose Cleaner 400ml..
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Ex Tax:4.56€
Wurth - Insect remover 400ml
New -20 %
Brand: WURTH
Wurth - Insect remover 400mlDescriptionCleans very fast and effectively even difficult to remove dirts such as roadgrime, insects, tree-sap from windshields, headlights and mirrors. Leaves surfaces perfectly clean without streaks. Safe for paint, rubber and plastic...
6.75€ 8.43€
Ex Tax:5.44€
Wurth Glass Cleaner 400ml
New -20 %
Brand: WURTH
DescriptionWurth Glass Cleaner 400ml - an effective liquid for cleaning windows and glass surfaces with a pleasant smell. Easily removes greasy stains, dirt and dust. Quickly evaporates and leaves no streaks.Directions: Apply a small amount of the product on a dirty surface or directly on ..
5.46€ 6.82€
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Brand: WURTH
Wurth Led Light for bonnetExtra wide compact and extendable powerful LED Under hood light with an aluminium shell...
Ex Tax:160.00€
Wurth-Wheel Cleaner 400ml
New -20 %
Brand: WURTH
Wurth-Wheel Cleaner 400mlDescriptionRemoves effectively any dirts or deposits from wheel rim and caps. The special package of corrosion inhibitors ensures full safety in application of preparation, especially when washing aluminium rims. Provides temporary protection against corrosion to the compone..
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Ex Tax:6.24€
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