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Chemical Guys - Air Freshener Baby Powder

Chemical Guys  - Air Freshener Baby Powder
Chemical Guys - Air Freshener Baby Powder
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Baby Powder
Stay Fresh Baby Powder Scent is the easiest way to enjoy the refreshing talcum powder smell without any of the stress, mess, or diaper changing required when having an actual baby! 

Use This Air Freshener To: 
Enjoy a fresh scent without the crying
Savor a fresh, clean, dry baby before it all goes to pot
Purge stale musty smells from AC 
Freshen the air with the scent of a clean baby
Enjoy talcum without the powdery mess
Only The Best Parts Of Raising A Baby

Everyone loves that new baby smell, but not everyone wants to deal with all the crying and sleep deprivation that comes with raising their own. That’s why Chemical Guys came up with Stay Fresh Baby Powder Scent: just a good, clean talcum powder smell with none of the stress! It may cost upwards of $250,000 to raise a child, but you can enjoy a fresh baby powder scent for just a few bucks!

Odor-Destroying Formula

Stay Fresh is not just a fun fragrant air freshener: specialty odor-eliminating enzymes blended into the spray target odor-causing maladies and destroy foul odors at their source. One spray of Stay Fresh can remove foul smells, and prevent them from coming back to any enclosed space. Enjoy the fresh and clean scent of talcum powder without any of the mess or responsibility, thanks to Stay Fresh!

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