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Chemical Guys - Blacklight

Chemical Guys - Blacklight
Chemical Guys - Blacklight
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The Secret To Perfect Black Paint

For a brilliant wet shine, professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts turn to Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish. This specialty hybrid glaze and sealant is pure eye-candy for your black and dark-colored cars. Use Black Light to add tons of extra deep wet shine, fill minor swirls and scratches, and clean minor stains and imperfections. Treat your vehicle with a clay bar service to remove any rough contamination, spread a coat of Black Light, then “lock in” the candy sparkle shine with a layer of durable sealant or wax. Combined with Butter Wet Wax or JetSeal, Black Light helps protect paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, water spots, and harmful UV solar rays. Black Light is perfect for black and dark color paint finishes. Try it on maroon, burgundy, green, gunmetal gray, blue, brown, or purple paint finishes. Professionals and enthusiasts regularly skip intense and time-consuming polishing steps with a coat of Black Light. The intense gloss enhancers and micro-refined oils in Black Light help fill minor swirls and scratches in vehicle paintwork, reducing their visibility and enhancing a mirror-like shine. Black is renowned as one of the most beautiful and elegant automobile colors. It may require extra care and attention, but when black paintwork is done right with a coat of Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish, everybody looks.

Dazzling Deep-Wet Shine For Black And Dark Colors

The secret is out: for years, professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts have turned to Chemical Guys Black Light for a lustrous deep-wet look on their cars. Chemical Guys took the best properties that made eye-popping glazes so coveted and reformulated them with durable sealants and refined gloss enhancers. Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is the industry go-to gloss enhancer and sealant for black and dark color cars. Black Light gives any black finish a deep, lustrous, wet mirror shine. If left untreated, black paintwork fades, discolors, and oxidizes. Black Light is one product that protects and enhances black paintwork to keep it as pure and black with a mysterious glowing reflection. Dark vehicles treated with Black Light look richer, have more shine, and appear wetter than ordinary ones. Turn heads and make neighbors jealous with a coat of Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish.

Swirl-Filling Ability

Swirls and scratches are the bane of any detailer’s existence. The only way to “fix” or “remove” scratches is through machine polishing, and removing layers of paint to reveal a flat lustrous surface. For very light or fine scratches, and for delicate paint finishes where polishing is not an option, glazes and specialty gloss enhancers are perfect to fill minor swirls and imperfections. Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish is blended with ultra-refined oils that penetrate deep into scratches and reduce their visibility. Once the scratches are filled, the whole surface appears flatter and better reflects light. Black Light fills imperfections, enhances shine and depth, and makes cars look dripping wet!

Rigorous Testing And Quality Control

Before releasing Black Light to the world, Chemical Guys dedicated over 3 years to intense research and development, long-term testing, and reformulations and refinements. Samples and prototype products were sent to Chemical Guys distributors around the world to test for performance and durability in all extreme weather and climate conditions. Samples went as far as Thailand, halfway around the world, and their results were amazing! Trial users in the UK and Europe were very pleased with the results, and Middle Eastern distributors continuously dazzled their clients with the lustrous shine of Black Light. Even in extreme arid climates and high-humidity areas, Black Light exceeded all expectations for performance and durability. Choose Black Light for intense glossy shine in any setting.

Durable Protection Against The Elements

Automobile paint faces a constant onslaught from the elements. Sunlight, weather, and pollution damage can degrade painted finishes over time. Black Light contains premium UV inhibitors that block harmful UVA and UVB solar rays, protecting and maintaining the vibrant color and paint integrity on your vehicle. Add Black Light to your detailing process to add tons of extra shine, gloss, deep-wet reflections, and durable protection against the elements. Black Light delivers extra shine and gloss that lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

What The Pros Say

Todd Cooperider, part of the Detailed Image's Ask A Pro Team, received a bottle of Chemical Guys Black Light while it was still in its testing stages. He shared his thoughts with us and the world: 

Product Review: Chemical Guys Black Light

by Todd Cooperider

As a part of the Detailed Image Ask A Pro Team, I get the opportunity to try out a lot of different products long before they reach the market. The manufacturers look to us for everything from product development help to simple product feedback. Some of these products and opportunities are brilliant, some of them are “me-too,” and some need to go back to the lab for further refinement. Rewind to over a year ago and I received a bottle of Black Light from Chemical Guys that had been in development for a while in their Thailand offices. I was told that it was designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions of Thailand, and should do extremely well in the North American market as well. It was being marketed as a gloss-enhancing sealant, so I figured that I would give it a try...

Since I’ve worked with Black Light for so long, and have had discussions with the behind-the-scenes people in charge of designing this formula, I can tell you another use for this product that you won’t read on the label, or in other product reviews…it also makes a great All-In-One (cleaner, polish, sealant). Black Light contains very fine abrasives in the formula to help clean and lightly polish the surface while it’s adding gloss and protection. So if your car (or customer’s car) is a bit needy, but a major paint correction detail isn’t on the menu or budget, then you can reach for an incredibly easy to use product like Black Light for the job. I’ve taken worn-out cars and given them a quick application of Black Light, and have been stunned by the difference that it made in such a short amount of time. And to further define “short amount of time”, I mean just 30 minutes with a D/A polisher! Not only will you get light correction and color/gloss enhancement, but you’re completing it with a layer of durable protection at the same time.

While I didn’t take any “before” photos of this Bentley, it had what you’d expect from a 5 year old car with soft paint…a lot of haze and wash-induced marring. While you may think that a vehicle of this caliber would be a prime candidate for a several thousand dollar full paint correction detail, we agreed simply to make it better without turning it into a show car. Once again in a short amount of time and very little effort, we made a major transformation by using Black Light, and the owner of the vehicle was absolutely thrilled with the results.

How I Use Chemical Guys Black Light

While some products are very particular about the application and / or removal process, Black Light is as easy to use as it gets, which is pretty standard from Chemical Guys. Personally, I don’t like working with products that are finicky or are difficult to use unless their results far outweigh the obstacles. So for me, the ease of use factor of Black Light immediately makes it a go-to product. The preferred method for Black Light is with a dual-action polisher (D/A). Using a soft finishing pad (black or blue), put the speed on 3.5~4, and apply just a couple of pea-sized drops to the pad. Quickly spread it around with the machine on, and then slow down your arm movement a bit to work it in evenly. You don’t have to work it like you would a polish…you’re simply going over the area long enough to provide a cleaning of the paint and getting an even coverage. 2 small drops can do a working area of about a half of a door (a little goes a long way). It’s very similar to using Chemical Guys EZ Creme Glaze…goes on smooth, a little goes a long way, and there should be very little residue. If you see a lot of residue after your application, then you’ve used too much product.

My Final Thoughts

As I said in my opening statement, I have been using Black Light for over a year now on just about every single car that has been detailed at the Esoteric studio. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t still be using it, right? This product does so many things well that I couldn’t imagine dropping it from my arsenal (unless something better comes out of course). I use it as a final sealant, and I use it as an all-in-one product. I even have a pre-set starter package that I offer where Black Light is the featured AIO (for you detailers out there…that type of service with this product is where the big profit is…it’s not in the full correction jobs). No one product is perfect for all types of paints and all conditions, and Black Light is no different. Because of the light abrasives in the formula, I have found a few finicky, ultra-soft paints where it would leave slight marring after finishing up a full correction detail. When using it as an all-in-one on neglected soft paint, this isn’t an issue. When working on perfected soft (dark) paints however, I’ve noticed slight marring (usually only seen under a bright LED light like the Brinkmann). This is not a deal-breaker by any means because these types of paints are rare. In my professional opinion, Chemical Guys Black Light is one of the great products available out there in the market, and it most definitely gets my seal of approval!

Black Light is also available as part of the Detailer's Radiant Finish Kit, which is the perfect kit to achieve the most vibrant and radiant of finishes.

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How To Use:
Hand Application:
  • Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of Black Light onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  • Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
  • Allow Black Light to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
  • Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
  • Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.
  • Follow with Chemical Guys Black Wax for a brilliant shine and durable protection.

Machine Application:
  • Squeeze 4 - 6 dots of Black Light onto a soft foam finishing pad.
  • Spread Black Light with a Dual Action Polisher. Do NOT use a rotary polisher to spread glaze, sealant, or wax.
  • Work at a speed no greater than 4 and do not apply pressure.
  • Spread over the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
  • Allow Black Light to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
  • Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
  • Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.
  • Follow with Chemical Guys Black Wax for a brilliant shine and durable protection.

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