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About XXX Paste Wax

When hardcore car enthusiasts want the brilliant wet shine of a premium wax, they reach for Chemical Guys XXX Carnauba Paste Wax. XXX is blended with a mixture of premium Brazilian carnauba, and proprietary LTI sealant polymers for added durability. Grade A yellow carnauba enhances the signature warm wet shine that wax is known and loved for. Spread a coat of XXX Hardcore Paste Wax over any color paintwork for a brilliant shine that protects against the harsh elements. Carnauba is nature’s sunscreen; it protects palm leaves from the harsh sun, rain, and wind in the rainforests of Brazil. When spread over car parts, XXX repels the UV rays that damage paint and cause fading and discoloration. Chemical Guys enhances XXX with LTI sealants and amino-functional resins to increase resistance to the elements and prolong the durability of the wax. Wax any car part that is painted, shiny ,or clear. Spread a coat of XXX over single stage or clear coated paint finishes, on plastic headlights and tail lights, on windshields and side windows, and even on wheels and exhaust tips. Pollution, water, dirt, and bugs have a harder time sticking to waxed surfaces, which stay cleaner for longer. Take command over contamination and oxidation with a brilliant coat of protection from XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax.

XXX Hardcore Paste Wax is formulated to make any car enthusiast glow with pride. The high natural carnauba content comprises almost half of every pot of XXX, and ensures a warm shine with deep gloss and reflection. UV rays, airborne pollution, and contamination dull the shine of bright paintwork colors, and lead to paint failure. XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax fills in the pores of paintwork, metals, and plastics so dirt and grime simply slide off the smooth surface. Carnauba naturally blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, shielding paintwork from fading and oxidation caused by exposure to solar rays. Cars maintained and waxed regularly stay cleaner for longer, take longer to wear and break down, and last longer than neglected cars. Spread a coat of warm glowing love over any daily driver, garage queen, or weekend cruiser with Chemical Guys XXX Hardcore Paste Wax.

The Science Behind The Shine

XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax is formulated with a high 47% carnauba content. The carnauba creates the glossy, rich, warm glowing shimmer that leaps off any glossy automotive surface. A secret blend of proprietary sealants and polymers increase XXX’s resistance to the elements and extend the durability for months of relentless shine. Specialty additives soften the hard carnauba paste to make spreading the wax a breeze. Treat any surface that is painted, shiny, or clear with XXX Paste Wax. Spreading XXX over paintwork, glass, metal, clear plastic, and carbon fiber protects these parts from the sun, repels water and airborne pollution, and keeps them cleaner and shinier for longer. Professional detailers even spread XXX Hardcore Paste Wax over wood dashboard trim and inlays for durable protection with enhanced glow and shine. Shine, enhance, and protect any automotive surface with an exquisite coat of XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax.

Layering XXX Paste Wax

The secret to the perfect coat of wax is even application. The idea that more layers = more protection and shine is a myth. Applying more layers helps ensure even coverage, but does not necessarily guarantee more protection. Spreading the perfect coat of XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax is easy. Specialty additives soften the hard paste so that it easily melts into any premium foam or microfiber applicator pad for effortless and even spreading over exterior car parts. Layering thick coats wastes product because as the wax piles up, it bonds to the layer underneath and not the paintwork. Once any excess is buffed off, all the extra layers are simply buffed away. One thin, even coat over the surface is all you need to ensure great protection and shine for months on end. Finish a full detail by coating a vehicle with glaze, then sealant, and finally topping with XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax for immense clarity, depth, and warm glowing shine in the reflection.

FACT: You are more likely maximize shine, clarity, depth, and protection by using a professional product correctly than by layering a million of coats of inferior chemicals incorrectly.


How To Use:
  • Wash and dry vehicle.
  • Remove any embedded contaminants with a clay bar.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of XXX Hardcore Paste Wax over desired surfaces.
  • Only wax car parts that are painted, shiny, or clear.
  • Wait until the applied wax hazes up.
  • Buff off any hazy residue with a premium soft microfiber towel.

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